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Martin Sandor's a hairy eastern European stud with dark brown hair,  stunning brown eyes, a gymnast's body and a 7-inch uncut cock. He both tops and bottoms in his movies and has also appeared under the aliases James Bajital, Istvan Kurikov, Joci and Attila. He debuted in gay porn in the late 1990s and in 2004 appeared in a movie called Porn Factory with shorter hair, a shaved body and completely shaved pubes. He stands about 5ft 8ins tall and was born in 1980. Martin also performed with a pop band called Lovestern Galaktika. Martin Sandor
Tristan Paris  is a French-Canadian and another stalwart performer who had young, smooth looks and a pert bubble butt. He debuted in around 1997 and his performances proved that he was one hungry bottom. He was born in Montreal in January 1977, has a 7-inch cut cock and mainly worked with Falcon. In 1999, he won the award for  Best Bottom  at the Probe/Men in Video Awards. Tristan Paris
Simon Angel's a stunning, slim, smooth twink who comes from the Spanish island of Ibiza. He also goes by the names Simone DeJesus and Dario Lopez, depending on who he's working for. He was discovered by director Jean-Marc Prouveur of the Liquid London outfit when he was casting for the movie Spanish Obsessions in about 2003. Simon stands about 5ft 9ins tall and has a thick uncut cock. He moved to the US to study dance and has  worked with a number of leading studios. Simon Angel
Joshua Adams is a hunky, defined and tattooed porn star who has brown hair and brown eyes and stands about 5ft 9ins tall. He tops and bottoms, has a 7.5-inch cut cock and enjoys sex on the rougher side. He likes camping, travel, hiking, the beach and swimming. He was born in 1976 and debuted in gay porn in about 2003. Joshua Adams
Ray Butler was a true gay porn industry veteran, in the business for more than 10  years as director, producer and star. He's been a Falcon performer and latterly worked in production for Hot Desert Knights, starring in plenty of bareback movies. He announced his retirement in 2005, claiming that he was bothered by the sight of younger men having unprotected sex in porn. Standing 6ft tall and with a 9-inch cut cock, in his later years he was a must for fans of grey-haired mature studs. Ray Butler
Karl Tenner made his gay porn debut in the late 1990s in a couple of low-budget European porn movies before he was snapped up by classy studio Bel Ami. But then the USA beckoned and Karl ended up making a handful of fine movies for Falcon. He has light brown hair, blue eyes, a fat uncut dick and stands about 5ft 9ins. Karl Tenner
Eric Ryan had a long career in gay porn, mainly in the pre-condom, vintage gay porn 1970s and 1980s, starting off as a blue-eyed blond young stud with a hot defined body before maturing nicely. Born under the sign of Gemini, he did gay and bisexual porn and both topped and bottomed on film. From California, he owned a health food store and his hobbies included writing music, skiing, surfing and motorbikes. Eric Ryan
Tall, dark Matt Bradshaw was discovered in 1995 and signed by Falcon. He won best top of the year in 1996 but was also known to bottom too. Highly regarded in the industry, he made a  number of movies well into the 21st century. He hails from Louisiana, stands about  6ft 3ins tall, has brown hair and eyes and was born in 1968. Matt Bradshaw
Steve Cannon is heavily tattooed and  into bodybuilding. He has piercings in his cock and nipples and   had a long career in gay porn from the mid-1990s. He is best known as a bottom and once won an award for being Nastiest Leather Stud. Steve Cannon
Incredibly handsome, big-dicked Erik Houston was one of Falcon's superstars in the early 1990s - but with a relatively limited number of films to his name. He both topped and bottomed, stands about 5ft 9ins tall, has green eyes and light brown hair. Erik Houston
Tommy Alvarez is a gorgeous, black-haired young guy from Slovakia in central Europe who's worked with a range of European porn studios in the 2000s, including Bel Ami  and Kristen Bjorn. He stands about 5ft 9ins tall, has a 7-inch uncut cock, has blue eyes and tends to bottom on film. He also goes by a host of AKAs, including Ronald Poplacek, Rolo Everson and Roland Brooks, and is famed in the business for his spectacular cumshots. Tommy Alvarez
Josh Kincaid was one of the big stars of 1980s pre-condom gay porn, standing over 6ft tall and with a 9-inch cut cock. He had light brown hair and a tache and topped and bottomed. Josh Kincaid
Billy Wild's a mature, hairy hunk who got into porn by answering an advert in a newspaper.  He was born in August   1969, in Orange, California. He's  done production work and editing for a number of porn companies. He tops and bottoms and has appeared in bareback movies. Billy's got blond hair and blue eyes, an 8-inch cut cock and stands about 5ft 11ins tall. He debuted in about 2000, is a keen guitar player and photographer and also goes by the name Banana Boy. Billy Wild
Hunky and extra-hung Cort Donovan made his gay porn debut as a Falcon exclusive in 2006 while studying for a degree and living in Chicago. He'd also worked as an insurance agent.  Athletic and with stunning blue eyes, his beautiful 9-inch dick won the award for Best Cut Cock in the Grabby Awards in 2007.  He stands about 5ft 10ins tall and was born, in the mid-west of the USA, under the sign of Libra. He particularly enjoys traveling. Cort Donovan
Michael Moore is a cute, smooth bottom  who made movies in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He had true boy-nextdoor looks but never really made it to real stardom. He was, however, always worth watching. Michael Moore
Muscular, furry Jed Willcox comes from  South Africa, where he was a  gymnast in his youth. He stands about 6ft   tall, has an 8-inch uncut cock and is more of a  bottom than top. He's pictured with real-life lover Jason Kingsley, who also comes from South Africa, and made his porn debut in 2004. He also goes by the name Jed Colt. Jed Willcox
Beefy Matthew Ford  was born in Louisville, Kentucky, in February 1966 although he later went to live in Las Vegas, where he made a living as a  singer and worked for many years with Debbie Reynolds. A porn fan's idea of the perfect daddy, he stands 5ft 9 inches tall. He made his move into porn after modeling for Butch Bear in 2006, the following year going before the cameras for his first big sex scene. He's gone on to work with a number of top studios including Titan and, in Europe, Alpha Male. You normally see him as the top. Matthew Ford
Rod Majors  is a dark, swarthy, muscular  stud who also went by the name Pierre LaBranche when making movies for director Kristen Bjorn. Tall, he has an allegedly 11-inch dick. Zak Spears once described him as his favorite top. Rod made most of his movies in the early and mid-1990s. In 2007,  it was revealed that Majors was also Cpl Matt Sanchez - a Columbia University junior and USMC reservist who appeared on various US right-wing TV talk shows and in other media complaining about 'anti-military students'. When confronted, he described the gay porn industry as poisonous and claimed to be straight. He's worked as a journalist and reported on the Iraq war. He speaks several languages and  lived a lot in Europe as a young man but was born and raised in California. Rod's parents were Puerto Rican. He's said that travel and books are big passions. Rod Majors
Jason Tiya - who was born in 1982 - is a beautifully ripped black dude who  stands over 6ft tall and has a mouth-watering 10-inch   cock. He comes from New York and describes himself as a top - although he's versatile off-screen. His favourite porn star of all time is Al Parker. Jason debuted in about 2003. Jason Tiya
Gorgeous Kevin Brown was born and raised in North Carolina within a strictly religious family. Outside of porn he works as a  painter and enjoys playing the guitar. He's worked a lot with All Worlds at Channel 1 since his debut in about 2005, has brown hair, tattoos and an 8.5-inch cut cock. He's pictured with Chet White, considers himself bisexual and stands about 6ft tall. Kevin Brown
Steve O'Donnell was a gorgeous boy nextdoor type when he first started out in porn in the 1990s, boasting a furry body and one of the finest cocks in the business. In 2008 he returned to the industry with the Suite 703 website and then went on to star with Titan. He topped and bottomed during his career and has also worked as  a dance manager at a Washington DC gay club. He's pictured above in his younger days in the lockerroom with Peter Wilder in Cop Out. Steve stands about 6ft tall and has an 8-inch cut cock. He once won the best performer of the year award at the Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards. Steve O'Donnell
You can tell from the moustache and the funky clothes that Will Seagers found fame in the era of 1970s and 1980s pre-condom gay porn.  Working for the likes of Falcon Studios and Bullet, Will was one of the big stars of the era thanks to his all-man looks, 8-inch cut cock and versatility in the sack. He worked with the greats too, men like Al Parker, and also appeared as Matt Harper.  Outside of porn, Will was something of a disco DJ. Will Seagers
Luke Strong's a muscular stud who stands about 6ft 1in tall and who debuted in porn with famed director Chi Chi LaRue's Channel 1 porn studio in 2005. He was born in February   1977 and brought up in California, has a 7-inch cut cock, describes himself as bisexual and has a career in sales. He's also into art. Luke's pictured with then boyfriend and fellow porn star  Tyler Riggz. Luke Strong
Luke Bender is also known as Steve Kennedy in gay porn movies. He was born in Europe, one of five sons, but moved to the US as a young boy. He later worked as a pastry chef. Luke has a 9-inch uncut cock, brown hair and eyes, stands about 5ft 9ns tall and is into S&M and light bondage. He appeared in movies in the 1990s. Luke Bender/Steve Kennedy
Sexy German  Jan Fischer was born in Berlin in September 1981 and was later signed as an exclusive by director Chi Chi LaRue for her Channel 1  Rascal Studios outfit. Before his porn career, blue-eyed Jan worked in the hotel and hospitality industry and in a call center. He tops and bottoms, has a 7.5-inch uncut dick and stands about 5ft 10ins tall. He won a Grabby Award for Best Three-Way Sex Scene in No Cover and has also worked as a DJ in clubs all over Europe, as a fashion model and as a presenter for an adult TV channel. Jan Fischer
Johnny Brosnan is a horny Canadian dude who had a career with the Ford Modeling Agency and as an Internet sex performer before launching his porn movie career with Falcon in 2000. He stands about 5ft 11ins, has an 8-inch cock and is best known as a bottom. His hobbies include martial arts and he has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Johnny Brosnan
Ryan Yeager was one  of legendary director Chi Chi LaRue's great discoveries and stars of the early 1990s. He debuted in about 1989 and was around in the business for a couple of years. He was brunette and had a fine, curved cut cock. He also usually topped. The pix above are from the film Jumper. Ryan Yeager
Spaniard Aitor Crash has been making a splash in gay porn since about 2007, often starring in fisting and piss movies for the likes of the European outfit Jalif Studios. More conventional outings can be seen in movies for Alpha Male and Raging Stallion. Born in 1976 in Barcelona and with distinctive tats, he has green eyes and stands about 5ft 9ins tall. Aitor boths fucks and gets fucked in his movies but also works as a personal trainer and as an artistic director for discos, parties and clubs. Aitor Crash
Sexy Sasha Byazrov was a cover model for countless European porn mags - and that's  how porn star/director Michael Lucas found him. He's versatile, has an uncut cock, was born in Russia in 1974 and debuted in western porno in about 2001. Sasha Byazrov
Vadim Farrell is a gay porn star from the Bel Ami stable in Europe. He comes from Hungary, stands about 6ft tall and has brown hair and blue/green eyes. Athletic, he sports an 8-inch uncut cock and a bubble butt that's ripe for fucking! Vadim really made a splash with the studio from 2010. Vadim Farrell
Storm was a brunette with trademark bushy eyebrows, a defined body and a big cut cock who made gay pornos during the 1990s. He often bottomed on film and got his porn name from his real-life nickname. Storm
Andrew Blue made his name in porn as a horny young twink type in about 2007 but over the years he's clearly worked on his body and has grown into a handsome jock. When he came into gay porn, he considered himself straight but after many outings sucking cock and having his ass fucked, Andrew now says he will happily have sex with men and women. He's also versatile on film. Outside of porn he enjoys video games, being with friends and sport on TV. Andrew's outings in the biz have included films with a surfer theme, many sessions with the Nextdoor Studios outfit and an exclusive contract with Jet Set Men.  He stands about 5ft 10ins tall, has a 7.5-inch cut cock and has brown hair when he's not posing as a peroxide blond! Andrew Blue
Hunky Cliff  Parker is a brunette, bearded and hairy hunk who topped and bottomed in his movies. He has an 8-inch cut cock and made plenty of movies during the 1990s. Cliff Parker
Derrick Stanton was a familiar face in pre-condom era 1970s and 1980s gay porn, was a top and bottom and often worked with legendary director William Higgins. He made a return in the late 1990s in films like Family Values, in which a young man discovers that porn star Derrick is his dad. He's also been something of a gay activist in California. Derrick Stanton
Bald, muscular, hairy and bearded, handsome Jake Dakota has been a fixture with Falcon's Mustang and Massive Studio since about 2006. He was discovered by director John Bruno, who spotted his Big Muscle profile, urged him to visit LA and went on to helm some of his biggest hits. Jake stands about 5ft 10ins tall and has a 7-inch cut cock. He's  awesomely agressive when he's fucking ass but is also a fine bottom. Jake Dakota
Doug Jeffries is a smooth, masculine, dark and mature hunk of manhood with a thick, cut 8-inch cock. He usually tops but has bottomed on film, stands about 5ft 10ins tall and has a reputation for being a real sex pig. He has written several screenplays and went on to direct for the likes of Channel 1 as well after starring in hundreds of movies. He was a teacher in Boston before moving to Las Vegas and then got into gay porn in the late 1990s.  He's been a singer and actor and has brown hair and green eyes. Doug Jeffries
Twinky, smooth brunette Adam Young comes from Oregon in the USA and stands about 5ft 6ins tall.  He has a 7-inch uncut cock, usually bottoms and is a student of civil engineering. He's pictured in action with Kyle Aames and debuted in 2006. Adam Young
Andreas Stern is a muscular, hairy daddy who was born in Russia in July 1967 but who's made it big in gay porn in the United States with the likes of Colt Studios. He later based himself in London, England. He stands about 5ft 10ins tall and has brown hair and blue eyes. Andreas boasts a massive uncut cock and hit the porn big time in about 2003. Andreas Stern
Sergio Foster really hit the headlines when he was banned from the 2004 Olympics by his team after Hungarian media reported that he had performed in gay porn videos. Foster, who's real name is Gergo Szabo, was one of Hungary's top freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestlers. He had competed at the 2003 World Wrestling Championships in New York City.  A muscular brunette who's allegedly straight, he debuted in 2001 and also appeared as Gergo. Sergio Foster
Anthony Lafont's a dark-haired top with blue eyes, a muscular build and an amazing 9-inch veiny uncut cock. He made a handful of films for Falcon in 2000 before retiring from the scene. He returned in 2005. Anthony was born in France in 1972 and stands about 6ft 1in tall. Anthony Lafont
Brett Williams was something of a porn god in the 1990s thanks to his piercing eyes, incredible hairy chest and suckable cut cock. He both topped and bottomed during his prolific career and is pictured in action with Paul Carrigan. Brett Williams
Danny Bliss went by a number of nom de porns. Either way, he was an incredibly cute brunette with a 6-inch cut cock who began his career in gay porn movies in around 1989. He was a true, vocal bottom. Danny Bliss
Sam Carson is a stunning strawberry blond dude who made a large number of movies after debuting in the mid-1990s.  A versatile top who stands about 5ft 10ins tall, he's pictured in action with Eduardo - who he dated for a while.  Sam has an 8-inch cut cock. Sam Carson
Jacob Slader's a stunning, inked, Cancerian, bad-boy skater dude with an impressive 9-inch cut cock.  He's about 5ft 9ins tall, classes himself as bisexual, has worked as an English teacher and loves reading. He grew up in southern California and his dad was in the Marine Corps - and Jacob enlisted for a few years too. He got into porn in about 2004 and latterly made some bareback  movies. Jacob Slader
Rod Phillips was a beautiful blond 1980s gay porn star who stood about 5ft 10ins tall and made some great appearances in Falcon films. He was once the lover of fellow porn star Lee Ryder -  a relationship that was allegedly often violent - and was born in California in 1960. He studied gemology and made jewelry as well as having a gay porn career. He died in 1993 after being diagnosed as HIV+ - some say he committed suicide. Rod Phillips
Brian McClaine is a sexy boy nextdoor type who was also a Falcon exclusive. He has a delicious bubble butt and a long cut cock and appeared in a handful of movies in 2002. It was said that he was  straight. Brian McClaine
Brad Mason was a hairy-chested, moustachioed stud with a big cock who usually bottomed. He made his movies in the pre-condom 1980s. Brad Mason
Jim Montana was a blond, smooth bottom boy - who also topped a few times in his movies. He was a familiar face in early 1990s porn, stood about 5ft 8ins tall and had an 8-inch cut cock. Jim Montana
Carlos Baxter is a horny European brunette who stands about 6ft tall. He has brown eyes and enjoys hiking, driving, racing and motorbiking. An enthusiastic performer, he debuted in 2003 and was around for a few years in European productions. Carlos Baxter
Tim Barnett was a star of 1990s gay porn who killed himself in jail in July 2005 after being arrested in June 2004 on charges of raping seven women in Colorado and Texas.  Barnett, who was also a real estate agent, was arrested after police said they linked him to four rapes at a Boulder apartment complex during the1990s by  collecting DNA samples from him. Tim Barnett
Rob Romoni is a dark, defined hunk who likes topping and bottoming in his videos. He was awarded the Best Ass award at the Grabby's  in   2004. He's about 5ft 9ins tall, has a 7in cut cock,  hails from  New Jersey and has a BS in Business Management. He's a former boyfriend of fellow gay porn star Matthew Rush, who finally bottomed for him for the first time on video in Taking Flight. Romoni made his debut in gay porn in about 2002, thinks his eyes are his best asset and loves vacationing in  Mexico.  He later went on to work for  Jason Ridge's production company and then returned to porn in 2010 after some mainstream acting work on stage and in independent film. Rob Romoni
Gorgeous Alan Connery hails from Prague in the  Czech Republic and has done most of his porn work for the European studio Bel Ami, although his first work was a magazine spread under the name of Fratisek Maloch. With a swimmer's build, he was a waiter and trainee chef as well as a dancer before going into gay porn. He debuted in 2001, often bottoms and made far too few movies. Alan Connery
Jirka Gregor is a horny European star born in the Czech Republic who's worked a lot with veteran director William Higgins since about 2004 - Jirka is one of his favorite models. He's a versatile performer  born in 1985 who also goes by the name Viktor Oleg and Martin Ceps at Czech Boys. He's also made straight, bareback and bisexual movies, stands about 5ft 10ins tall, has a 7-inch uncut cock and lists keeping fit among his hobbies. He's pictured above with Cameron Jackson. Jirka Gregor
Kevin Cage is another of those humpy European gay porn stars who's made many of his films with director Csaba Borbely. Indeed, Borbely once described him as Kevin Cage
Stunning six-footer Trent Diesel is a lean and mean fuck machine who's a great bottom, a sometime top and a regular in bondage scenes at Bound Gods.  Trent has big balls and a fat 7-inch cut cock - but he's also one of those 'gay' porn stars who's married and has a child, classing himself as bisexual. A Capricorn from Wisconsin, he enjoys music, art and photography and has also filmed straight porn. Trent Diesel
Brunette Irving Hunter, who also goes by the name Antonio Carrigan, is a sexy, tattooed star of European pornos who debuted in about 2005.  He mainly tops  and has a big uncut dick. Irving's also made straight pornos under the name Ruka Stone. Irving Hunter
Chad Adams is a horny, versatile bottom who stands about 5ft 11ins tall, has a swimmer's build and a smooth ass. He was a big star on the bareback circuit having worked for the likes of Hot Desert Knights and Treasure Island Media. He  also worked behind the scenes on porn production and dated fellow porn star Will West. He made most of his movies in the early 2000s. Chad Adams
Tony Serrano has Spanish/Italian ancestry and has made plenty of movies in the 2000s, starting out in 1999. With hazel eyes and standing 5ft 9ins tall, this muscular stud has an impressive 9-inch cut cock. He's served in the US Navy, worked as a nurse and has had his own travel agency in New York. He's also a huge Madonna fan and is into men in uniform. Latterly, Tony became a fixture on the barebacking scene and one day hopes to work as a therapist. Tony Serrano
Blond superstar Phillip Aubrey is almost as famous for his relationship with fellow porn god  Spencer Reed as he is for his sex movies - and we're more than happy to watch them fucking! They met on a double date in 2010. The 6ft, smooth blond has a thick 8.5-inch cock and tops and bottoms. He's also made porn as Jasper St John and has done some of his best work for Lucas Entertainment. His ambition is to become a yoga instructor/health nutritionist with his own studio but in the meantime he's worked in a bar and in retail. And where did he get that amazing body? Lots of swimming and training in modern dance and jazz as a youth clearly helped! Phillip Aubrey
A real pig bottom (who sometimes also tops), Lance Gear is a tough-looking stud with a shaved head and hairy chest. He doesn't shy away from heavy duty bondage, watersports or fisting. He  dated fellow porn star Peter Raeg for a time. Lance is about 5ft 11ins tall, was born in October  1970 and raised in Michigan, is a personal trainer and debuted in gay porn in about 1999. A campaigner against domestic violence, he's also worked in the HIV health field. Al Parker is one of his favorite porn stars. Lance Gear
Butch and muscled Armando Del Toro is a gay porn star who hails from Spain.  He stands over 6ft tall and has an 8-inch uncut cock. He's made most of his movies for the legendary Kristen Bjorn studio, where he tops and bottoms and sometimes bottoms for a double penetration. He debuted in about 2007. Armando Del Toro
Yuri  Breshnev was born in May  1964 in Moscow and brought up in Russia. He went on to live and work in the USA after spells living in Belgium, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Holland and Poland. He has two masters degrees, is a personal trainer and enjoys theater. He was also the long-time lover of fellow gay porn star Alec Martinez. Yuri began his porn career in about 1997 with legendary director Kristen Bjorn. He's hairy, has a fat 8.5-inch uncut cock and tops more than bottoms. He also has two sons. Yuri Breshnev
Peter Wilder is a hot guy with  a fine butt and a beautiful cut cock. Although famous as a bottom, he was also known to top. He had a long career in gay porn from the mid-1990s on. He's pictured above with Steve O'Donnell in Cop Out. Peter Wilder
Justin Dragon is impressive all over - at 6ft 4ins tall and boasting a 9-inch cut cock. He made his debut in 2000 as a Falcon exclusive and was in the business for a couple of years - returning in 2005 with All Worlds. He's mainly a top, has brown hair and brown eyes and was born in April 1976. Justin Dragon
Hunky Mike Gregory was a familiar face in pre-condom 1980s porn, starring with the likes of Falcon Studios. He had a smooth swimmer's build, green eyes and light brown hair, boasted  a 9-inch cut cock and stood about 5ft 10ins tall. Mike was famous for his versatility - a great top with that large tool but also an accomplished bottom. Mike Gregory
Sexy, young and tattooed Rhett O'Hara was working as personal assistant, chauffeur and chef to porn producer Blue Blake when he got his break in porn - allegedly when Blake saw the lad's exceptionally thick 8-inch cut cock. His porn name is an homage to that southern US saga Gone With the Wind  and he describes himself as bisexual. Rhett was born in September 1980,  has brown hair, blue eyes and stands 5ft 9ins tall. He made his movies in 2002 and 2003 and usually tops. Rhett O'Hara
Mario Ortiz is a horny Latino stud with a furry chest and a 9-inch uncut dick who got into XXX movies in around 2002. He's muscular, about 5ft 8ins tall, has brown hair and eyes and hails   from Valencia in Venenzuela. A Capricorn, his favourite musicians are Madonna and the Pet Shop Boys. He's also a personal trainer. Mario Ortiz
Melchor Diaz was a hot Latin stud with a meaty uncut cock who made movies in the pre-condom 1980s and who was best known as a bottom. He died as a result of AIDS in the mid 1990s. Melchor Diaz
Chris Ladd launched his gay porn career as a twinky blond in the mid-1980s and matured nicely over the years. He was best known as an eager bottom. He stood about 5ft 11ins tall and had an 8-inch cut cock. Chris Ladd
Cutey Tony Bishop was born and raised in Idaho and went on to study, qualifying with a BA in psychology and later as a pastry chef. He has blond hair, blue eyes, says he's into most fetishes and stands about 5ft 9ins tall. He got into porn after moving to San Francisco in 2003 to study at culinary college - a friend suggested it would be an ideal move for a guy with a big dick and a sexy ass. He has a  cock tattoo, which he had done after surviving testicular cancer. It's  the Cancer astrological sign but has been done backwards - as he's the one that has to see it when he looks in the mirror! Tony Bishop
Grey-haired and hairy Frank Parker is originally from Florida - he was born in September  1964 in Tallahassee - and worked as a  graphic artist before tiring of the 9 to 5 routine and taking a job bartending in San Francisco. He was discovered by a guy casting a porn video in the late 1990s. He later joined forces with Scott Morris to start Factory Video and went into production as well as appearing in front of the camera. Frank Parker
Originally from Utah, Sam Tyson was  raised as a Mormon and  is one hot, all-American  stud who stands about 6ft 3ins tall, has blue eyes and blond hair. He was named Instinct Magazine's Best Gay XXX Video Newcomer of 2002. He has done legitimate theater work too. He has a 7-inch cut cock and has worked in magazine publishing, as a park police officer, journalist and personal trainer. He's a real pig bottom too and   was born in September  1974. Sam Tyson
Cutter West is a blond hunk of a man with an impressive muscular physique who was allegedly gay for pay. He's about 5ft 10ins tall, has blue eyes, a 7-inch cut cock and  topped in his movies. He made porn throughout the 1990s. Cutter West
Jason Cruise is a boyish, smooth,  tanned, defined gay porn star who made most of his movies in the 1990s. He was best known as a power bottom. Jason Cruise
Big-dicked Nick Piston is tattooed,  muscular, punky and pierced. He's  versatile, a true sex pig, stands about 6ft tall and debuted in about 2002 while dating fellow porn star Steve Cannon. He also set up his own business   catering to owners of exotic birds. Nick has worked for a number of top studios, notably Hot House and Raging Stallion. He was also instrumental in bringing Johnny Gunn into porn. Nick Piston
Dark-haired, horse-hung York Powers had a long career in porn during the 1990s making dozens of movies - and has been in and out of the XXX business since. He's topped and bottomed over the years, has a 9-inch cut cock and once dated fellow porn star Cliff Parker. York also goes by the name of Joey D'Falco in bondage movies. He grew up in Westchester, stands about 5ft 11ins tall, went to school in New York City and studied at New York University. York Powers
Matt Summers is an awesomely handsome stud with great hairy legs who's also a hungry bottom and a top deep-throater. Discovered by star director Chi Chi LaRue, Matt debuted in about 2001 working mainly with her Channel 1 outfit. He was born under the sign of Taurus, stands about 6ft tall and has an 8-inch cut cock. He likes men with hairy chests and was working in accountancy before going into porn. Matt Summers
Redhead Kennedy Carter got into gay porn like so many young guys - by needing cash to help pay for his university studies. The British stud grew up in Cheltenham, England, but later based himself in London. He majors in Hispanic studies, a course that's seen him spend a year in Mexico learning Spanish. He would ultimately like to do a Masters degree in Latin American history, work towards a PhD and work in a university. Outside of studying, Kennedy loves his tattoos, working out and swimming and enjoys music.  After sending out his photos to various porn companies, he was snapped up by Raging Stallion and Hot House in the USA and by Cazzo in Europe.  He tops and bottoms. Kennedy Carter
Jordan Jaric was one half of a famously monogamous porn couple who  signed as Falcon exclusives in 2007 vowing never to do scenes separately. His partner was  Aden Jaric - and they met at a gay club in San Francisco. Jordan has brown hair, blue eyes, stands about 5ft 9ins tall and has a cut cock that's 7-inches hard. He was born in Newport Beach, California, but grew up in Pleasanton, California. Together, the Jarics work in the night-club business and enjoy breeding pure-bred Pomeranians. Before they split up in 2010, they said their favorite sex act was sucking each other's cocks - and they are both versatile. It was Jordan's idea that the couple should go into porn. Jordan Jaric
Blond and with stunning  boyish looks, Gemini-born Kyle Kennedy   often worked with director Chi Chi LaRue and her Channel 1 porn outfit. He has an 8-inch cut cock, stands about 5ft 5ins tall and both tops and bottoms. He was born in June 1979 and made his debut in 1999. Kyle Kennedy
Serge Istavan is a delicious European stud with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a thick 8-inch uncut cock. Like many European stars, he goes under many aliases including Tamas Ridgestone, Cory Luvidovoich and Jeff Biggg. He stands about 5ft 10ins tall, is mainly a bottom and made most of his movies in the late 1990s. Serge Istavan
Adam Grant was a brunette who made most of his movies in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He had a big and thick  veiny cut cock, topped in his movies, had a fine body and handsome looks - but he always appeared rather aloof when he was fucking. Adam Grant
Lanky Andrew Moretti is a European gay porn star. Smooth, tall, tattooed and slim, he made his debut in about 2005. Like many of his fellow Europeans, he goes by a number of aliases including Antonio Rinaldi, Miklos Czider, Paolo Ramatti, Marco Campbell, Paulo Mickey and Albert Halmos. He tends to appear as Andrew Moretti for Falcon International. Andrew Moretti
Trent Cougar  is muscular and all-man. He stands about  6ft 2ins tall, has sandy blond hair, deep blue eyes and a thick, 8-inch cut cock. His background is Dutch/German. He's topped and bottomed  and was a regular in MSR films. He debuted in about 2001. Trent Cougar
Fredrick Ford was born outside of Philadelphia in the USA, went to high school in New Jersey and college in upstate New York - earning a BFA in Theater with a concentration in business and marketing. He got a job on Wall Street  but yearned to be a singer-songwriter and in 2003, OMC Records signed him to a contract - he's been making music ever since.  He took up gay porn shortly afterwards as a way, he says, of making his name.  A brunette, he stands about 6ft tall and is pictured in action with blond Matthew Mayfair and Marco Paris (bottom five pix). Fredrick Ford
Duncan Mills is a brunette with Latin looks who made his debut in porn in the late 1990s. He's best known as a pig bottom and is here featured with Scott Davis. Duncan Mills
Pietro Rosselli  is a hunky brunette and sometime fashion model from Argentina, where he's also worked as a biochemist. He stands about 6ft tall, has an 8-inch uncut cock and has worked a lot with director Kristen Bjorn.  He describes himself as bisexual and a top, enjoys working out and playing rugby and first had sex with another guy at the age of 18 in the men's room of his university. He debuted in about 1998. Pietro Rosselli
Blond beauty Brett Matthews began making porn movies in about 2005 - and is also a regular on the Randy Blue website. Cute and cuddly, he's got a furry chest and legs. He's pictured in action with Damon Phoenix - and you'll normally see Brett bottoming. Brett Matthews
Bottom boy and multiple award winner Tag Adams made his first gay porno - Billy's Tale - back in 1993 for Falcon under the name Chet Roberts but then retired. He returned 10 years later to start a prolific career. He's got a 7-inch cut cock, stands about 5ft 9ins tall, has a fine body and a hairy chest and says his favorite sex act would be getting gang-fucked. He's also into water sports having been pissed on by seven guys in Bolt. He went to Savannah College of Art and Design, where he majored in interior design, and has worked in   interior design and retail. He comes from Pennsylvania and   was born in April 1972. Tag Adams
Michael's an Italian-American from New York who made his debut in about 2001, making a number of hot videos for Raging Stallion in particular. He often bottoms. He's  also appeared as Joey Alias and is a licensed massage therapist. Born in September   1967, Michael stands about 6ft tall and has a 7-inch cut dick. Over the years he's also worked in children's theater, as an actor, as a drag performer and as a musician, singing lead vocal in a rock band. Michael won Best Actor at the 2004 GayVN Awards in 2004 for A Porn Star is Born. Michael Soldier
Buck Meadows must be one of the tallest men in gay porn - standing at about 6ft 7ins tall. He's got brown hair, brown eyes and, most notably, an uncut cock that stands about 11 inches fully hard. A top, he has a swimmer's physique, was born and brought up in The Netherlands and came to porn stardom as a Falcon exclusive in the United States. He made most of his movies in the late 1990s. Buck Meadows
David Rockmore's a sexy, smooth blond stud who appeared in gay porn in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He was known as an eager bottom. David Rockmore
Handsome Lucky Daniels (who also made porn using the name Paul Becker) was brought up in a small town in Wisconsin. He graduated from high school in 2003 and went on to work as a personal trainer but to earn extra income he decided to do some modelling. Thinking he would be doing legit work, he was approached to do porn instead and, after listing the pros and cons, decided to take the plunge. Lucky, who has Asian ancestry (he's one quarter Filipino), describes himself as bisexual, stands about 5ft 10ins tall, has brown hair and eyes and tops and bottoms.  Outside of porn he enjoys soccer, football, reading and volunteering - including coaching soccer and helping out at nursing homes. 
He hopes one day to own his own gym. We particularly enjoy his work for Colt studio Buckshot. Lucky Daniels
Sexy brunette Randy Page  made gay porn in the pre-condom 1980s. More often a bottom on film, he stood about  5ft 10ins tall and had an 8-inch cut cock.  He's pictured slurping on Scott O'Hara's particularly large dick. Randy Page
Brock Webster was brought up in California, stands about 5ft 8ins tall and has a thick 7-inch cut cock. He tops and bottoms in his movies, loves to rim guys and began his porn career with the Titan company in about 2002. He has two college degrees and has worked as a teacher outside of his XXX movie life. He's pictured in action with fellow black porn star Kamrun. Brock Webster
Gay for pay porn star Wolf Hudson was born in November 1984 in New York of black, French and Dominican ancestry - and in his career he's made straight, bisexual and gay pornos, sometimes with a bondage theme (he says he enjoys being sexually dominated). Before his porn career, Wolf studied acting and dance at the New Dance Group Arts Center in New York. His gay porn career really took off in 2007 and since then he's worked with the likes of Chi Chi LaRue's Channel 1, the Falcon family and Lucas Entertainment. He stands over 6ft tall, has hazel eyes and brown hair - when he's not shaved it off. Wolf got into straight porn initially - answering an ad for performers needed for a gang bang scene. In gay porn he tops but also gets fucked, even though he says he's straight. His cock is an impressive 9 inches uncut. Wolf Hudson
Dillon Press is a muscular daddy with a shaved head and goatee who made his debut in gay porn in about 2002.  He's a hot top who was born in 1967 in Missouri. Dillon is an ex-drill sergeant, describes himself rather surprisingly as shy and stands about 6ft tall. He's been a long-time Grabby Awards Show interpreter for the hearing-impaired. Dillon Press
Johnny Dawes was a famous face in 1980s pre-condom gay porn, with his tight body and mop of blond curly hair. He was born in 1955 and died of AIDS in July 1989. Versatile, he was also known as Brian Lee. Johnny Dawes
Fabrizio Mangiatti is one of a pair of identical twins (the other is Fernando Mangiatti) who confusingly go by a host of aliases in porn, including Jack and James LaCroix,  Alex and Ian Lynch and Jean and Daniel Lautrec (the latter for Bel Ami). They were born two minutes apart on 14 October 1980 in Hungary, have blue-grey eyes, fat uncut cocks and dark brown hair.  They also have a younger sister. They were discovered in 2005 through an ad  Daniel placed on a job-search website and were contacted by a Bel Ami model-scout. They made one move for the Euro studio (Flings 2) before moving to work with other European production houses, including High Octane. They identify as bisexual. Fabrizio Mangiatti
Jason's an adorable brunette twink who made movies with the European studio Bel Ami, debuting in about 2001. He comes from Prague in the Czech Republic, was born under the sign of Cancer, stands about 5ft 10ins tall and has amazing blue eyes. He tends to bottom and has also done fashion modelling. Jason Paradis
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